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Natural Gas Cooling/Refrigeration

Many people think of natural gas as a source of heat for warming a building. But, natural gas can and is used to provide cooling and refrigeration. There are several types of gas cooling systems:

Absorption – uses a cycle of condensation and evaporation to produce a cooling effect. The advantages of absorption systems are:

  • Produces both chilled and hot water
  • Ability to recover waste heat
  • Eliminates electrical demand charges
  • Requires a smaller electical service

Engine Driven Chillers – very similar in principal to electric motor driven chillers. The advantages of engine driven chillers systems are:

  • Uses conventional vapor compression cycle
  • Ability to recover waste heat
  • Eliminates electrical demand charges
  • Requires a smaller electrical service

Hybrid HVAC systems are available that utilize different energy sources to take advantage of the best technology and of favorable energy pricing during 24-hour, 365-day-a-year operations. Chiller plants with gas/electric combinations are the most common.

Desiccant Dehumidification Systems – used in many applications where moisture can be a problem. Desiccants cool the air by reducing the humidity. In turn the cooling system does not work as hard to cool the air. The advantages of a desiccant dehumidification system are:

  • Controls humidity in conditioned space and reduces latent load on the air conditioning system
  • Improves comfort level in the conditioned space
  • Reduces electric demand charges
  • Reduces CFC’s found in conventional air conditioning systems

Usually the initial cost of a gas cooling system is higher than that of a comparably-sized electric system, a gas system’s payback can be attractive. This is due to gas being lower priced in the summer resulting in the avoidance of high electric demand charges.

Commercial and Industrial refrigeration has been supplied by natural gas engine driven equipment for many years. This equipment offers economic benefits through its electric peak-shaving capabilities. Dairies, breweries, wineries, meat processors, cold storage, and ice producers are but a few of the applications using natural gas engine driven refrigeration. A big plus for this type refrigeration is the ability to reclaim heat from the engine. There are at least three manufacturers offering packaged refrigeration systems. They are Hill PHOENIX, Industrial Heat Recovery Equipment and Tecogen.

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