Payments and Account Information
Making payments, getting your account balance, and billing history is now available.

Fidelity Express Now Accepts Payments
Roanoke Gas has partnered with Fidelity Express to accept payments at approved gas stations and convenience stores in the Roanoke area.

Residential Fuel Line Protection Plan
The Roanoke Gas Company Residential Fuel Line Protection Plan (FLPP) will cover all maintenance, repairs or replacement of inside natural gas fuel lines.







Who's Responsible For What?

Customer Responsibilities:

The customer will be responsible for hiring a licensed plumber or HVAC contractor for installing equipment and necessary fuel lines. If you do not have a contractor in mind, Roanoke Gas Company will assist you in finding a contractor to meet your needs.

The customer or contractor shall secure necessary permits to comply with all state and local codes applicable to the installation of natural gas equipment and furnish the permit numbers to Roanoke Gas Company. This must be done before Roanoke Gas Company will install the underground service line and meter.

Contractor Responsibilities:

The contractor will install the equipment and fuel lines back to the point that the meter is located and place an air test on the fuel line to check for leaks.

The contractor will then notify the appropriate county or city inspector who will inspect the installation and observe the test on the fuel line. Upon determining the installation is compliant with the necessary codes and testing requirements the inspector will then remove the wire seal. Only authorized inspectors have the authority to remove the wire seal. Under special circumstances, Roanoke Gas Company employees are also authorized to remove the seal.

Roanoke Gas Company Responsibilities:

Roanoke Gas Company will install a service line from its main to the building wall at a meter location agreed upon with the property owner. Roanoke Gas will be responsible for calling Miss Utility for locating underground lines.

The service line and meter must be installed prior to equipment installation so your contractor knows the location to extend the fuel line. We will require at least a three (3) weeks notice prior to having the service line installed.

At the time of the gas line installation we will also set the meter using a support device to hold the meter in its permanent position. The meter will have a valve located on the outlet side of the meter, which will be left in the closed position and sealed with a wire seal. Billing for the account will start the day the meter is set and the customer will be billed monthly from that day forward for any base charge and consumption through the meter.

If you have any further question please call 777-4427 or email Customer Service at Be sure to include your name, address, account number, and the reason for your contact in your email.



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